World War II Tributes
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Stories and Information about Harold T. Holley
This is the story of my wife's grandfather, Harold Holley, during World War II in the Pacific Theater. All resources below have been gathered and compiled from online sources, official government records, or tidbits my wife and father-in-law remember of the stories he used to tell.

My wife, Eva, always referred to her grandfather as Pap, so you may see him referred to by that name on this site.

U.S.S. Little
  • Official Government Records on and History of USS Little - This was one of the ships Pap served on during World War II, and was actually on the ship at the time of its sinking during the Battle of Okinawa.

  • Important WWII Events on May 3rd - My research eventually took me to the History where I used their feature to find important events on any given date in history. I was surprised to find that there were three key events pertaining WWII that occurred before and after the sinking of the USS Little on May 3rd, 1945.

  • Excerpt on USS Little - The book, "The Sacrificial Lambs" (Who fought like Lions), chronicles the long, intense, and costly battle between Allied destroyers and the waves of Kamikaze planes they were ordered to screen. The USS Little is mentioned among the dozens lost.

  • "Okinawa Picket Line" - 1945 newspaper article on the fate of the USS Little (republished in the 1992 USS Little reunion booklet).
U.S.S. Sands

Quick Reference Comparison - For those like myself who can find interest in statistics, this is a side-by-side comparison of the stats on the two ships Pap served on.