World War II Tributes
Today we may say aloud before an awe-struck world: We are still masters of our fate. We are still captain of our souls. - Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Remember those who Sacrificed all!

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Stories and Information about E.W. Crosby
This is the story of my grandfather, E.W. Crosby, during World War II as written by my father, Charles Crosby. The story has been broken up into six parts for more convenient reading.

Part I - Completed on July 20th, 1999
  • Introduction
  • Stanley Carlson
  • Receiving the Bronze Star
  • His Diamond T Wrecker
  • Attending General Patton's Public Apology
  • North African Campaign Experiences
  • Invasion of Sicily
  • D-Day Invasion
  • Remagen Bridge
  • Red Ball Express
Part II - Completed September 10th, 1999
  • In-Depth First Experiences of WWII
  • Dietz, the Motorcycle Racer and my Grandfather's Assistant Driver
  • The Journey through the European Theater of Operations (ETO) by Vehicle
Part III - Completed October 12th, 1999
  • Their Daily Lives - Means to Survive
  • The Local People
  • The Rigors of North Africa and Sicily
  • Timelines - North Africa, Sicily, Europe
  • After Germany's Surrender
Part IV - Completed November 11th, 1999 (Veterans' Day)
  • Simaytis and Trouble
  • Rule Violations
  • More on Normandy
  • Souvenir Hunting
  • Buzz Bombs
  • More Remagen Bridge
Part V - Completed March 3rd, 2000
  • Sea Transits
  • Mistakes of Mock Normandy Invasion
  • Experiences in England
  • Poor Weather and the Front Line
  • The Greatest Generation
Part VI - Completed Feburary 23rd, 2005
  • Grandfather meets with Barry Spink and Warren Whitby III, Founders of 1st Infantry Division (Alabama) Reenacters
  • German Broomhandle Mauser
  • Gruesome Task during War
  • General Patton Commends "Ordnance Men" like my Grandfather
  • D-Day Museum in New Orleans, LA
  • Closing Words