World War II Tributes
Let us pray that peace be now restored to the world, and that God will preserve it always. - General Douglas Macarthur, Supreme Allied Commander of South-West Pacific (1945)

Remember those who Sacrificed all!

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Site Sources
Since I did not witness any of World War II first-hand and the current list of relatives who did have passed away, I am forced - in many cases - to rely upon the information I can gather from sources in books, personal belongings, government records, other websites, etc. In such instances, we have tried to make every attempt possible to properly cite the original source and, if necessary, contact them for permission to use the resource.

Pictures and Maps
  • The photograph of Normandy Beach seen in the header of the layout throughout this site is compliments of Edmond Saliklis, and we have obtained written consent to use the image (of which the original, full-size image is simply awe-inspiring). It fits so well with the theme of WWII Tributes by displaying such a poignant landscape, as a reminder of what those before us faced, at the top of every page. We are, indeed, thankful.

  • BB Jeeps - Many of the pictures seen on this site of vehicles were originally displayed on BB Jeeps. We obtained permission via email to use as many pictures as we needed. Those we took were ones relevant to the stories of my relatives.

  • United States Military Academy: West Point has a large amount of detailed battle maps for many of the major conflicts during WWII. We try to link to as many as possible on battle profile pages for our visitors to bring a relevant, detailed map on the battle they're reading about.

  • The pictures of E.W. Crosby and Harold T. Holley are owned by my family, and may not be reproduced without our written consent.

  • Weapons and Gear Pictures are freely available on a CDROM that accompanies the book World War II by Ivor Matanle. On the book, it lists the images as "royalty-free" and public domain. They are exhibited on this site for strictly educational and reference use only.

  • Many other pictures are public domain such as works of the United States Goverment.

  • Ivor Matanle's World War II has been a tremendous source of comprehensize information on all theaters of the war.

  • Bill Sholin's "The Sacrificial Lambs" (Who fought like Lions) has also been useful and interesting in research on the service of Harold T. Holley, my wife's grandfather.

  • Melvin Fenoglio's "Reunion Memories" (1992 Addendum) on the 8th Reunion of the U.S.S. Little has been used for articles on Harold and some of the trivia.


Most of our sources are used to compile descriptions and locations of the many battles fought during World War II. All links below open in a new window for your convenience.
  • - One of our largest sources for information on battles is the largest, completely free encyclopedia online with 490,000+ articles (according to their site).

  • US Navy Historical Center - A large source for information on the naval battles of WWII comes directly from the US Navy and their site.