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Awards and Recognitions
WWII Tributes, under its previous incarnation, had received at least a dozen awards, but this site is a new version after being unavailable for many years. While we greatly appreciate all awards we receive, we thought it best not to display them since so much has changed.

6-4-05 - The Rose Awards: Silver
The Rose Awards: Silver After completing review of your website, "WWII Tributes", I am pleased to offer youthe Rose Silver Award...

Thank you for inviting me to view your site, and I wish you much continued success in the future :-) ....
Keep up the great work!

Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc
The Rose Awards -- AS! 4.5, UWSAG 5.0, OAI 4.0
4-16-05 - Internet Beacon Gold
The Internet Beacon Gold Award Your web site, World War II Tributes, has qualified for the Internet Beacon Gold Award (a World's Top Award).

You have created an excellent archive and research site. It's certainly of interest to me, as my own father served with the Army Air Corps in the China/Burma/India theater. The site looks very attractive, navigation is easy, and the site is WAI-compliant. You have the total package here. Very well done.

Congratulations on an outstanding web site.
4-1-05 - Astral Awards: Bronze 2005
Astral Award Bronze 2005 Greetings and Congratulations!

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that your site has won a Bronze Astral Award.

We enjoyed visiting WWII Tributes and learning more about WWII. Your site is wonderfully informative and presented very professionally. Over all your site is well constructed, easy to navigate, consistent in theme and style, and content rich. Congratulations on a job well done!
3-29-05 - The Crystal Sea: Silver Award
The Crystal Sea Silver Award Congratulations;

Your site has undergone an extensive review. We spent many hours looking over the extensiveness of your site. The valuation has been successful in you earning an award from "The Crystal Sea".

What a fantastic job both of you have done in presenting the information. It was a real pleasure to read the stories and view the photographs. Probably one of the best sites out on the net looking at World War II. We look forward to bookmaking this site and feel it's a great addition to the World Wide Web. Congratulations.

Your site has been awarded "The Crystal Sea Silver Award".

Thank You for making the web experiance a better place.
David Bradley
3-27-05 - VSDA Silver Award
VSDA Silver Award We are pleased to award your website our VSDA Silver Award for a well presented website.

Comments by John
Beautiful well designed site. Contains abundant information to the reader.

Comments by Ian
I greatly enjoyed my visit and spent some considerable time going through your pages just enjoying the read... and that is what a good website is about. Nice colour selection for your site. I would have liked to see your images open in a separate window, but how you handled them worked also.

Congratulations on a job well done, your site is very deserving of our Silver award.
3-27-05 - Spider Bronze Award Spider Bronze Award You have won a " Bronze Award"...Congratulations!!! We can see the hard work you put into your site and you met all of our criteria to win the "Bronze Award" with a high score of 70. We are glad to give you the recognition that you deserve. We wish you much success in your endeavors.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit.
3-15-05 - World Web Award of Excellence World Web Award of Excellence Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.
3-13-05 - USS Savage's Quartermaster Award of Excellence
Quartermaster Award of Excellence Honoring Those Who Served Our Nation!
Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your interest in my award program.

I have now completed my review of your site, WWII Tributes, and am pleased to inform you that you have earned my "Quartermaster Award of Excellence." I am also sending a "thank" you" graphic to honor your grandfather and your wife's grandfather.

You did an exceptional job with your statistics and timelines. A great way to present this information. The section on Battles by Location is also extremely well done. Your maps work very well with the write-ups.

I enjoyed your site and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Your site will be added to my Winner's Listing shortly.

Diane C. Day
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