World War II Tributes
Before Alamein, we had no victories. After Alamein, we had no defeats. - Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Remember those who Sacrificed all!

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About the Site
This site was first created back in 1999 to 2000 under the name WWII Memoirs. It was home to the story of my grandfather, E.W. Crosby, as my father, Charles, learned about new events my grandfather experienced during World War II. The story grew larger, and we searched the internet for pictures of, or related to, the events he described. The pictures were added to both the journal being compiled and the website. Over time, other things were added such as free music and jokes of the era.

Unfortunately, the site's host aburptly closed down so, with no alternative host, the site disappearred. The pictures, stories, music, etc. we had accumulated was later lost during a computer error that caused a significant loss of data. Only the text of the journal survived on another computer.

After my grandfather passed away July 26, 2003, my father sought to rebuild the journal as it was before. Using only a single, printed copy of the journal with the original pictures included, we once again began the process of building up resources relevant to the stories my father had recorded. In doing so, I jumped at the opportunity to rebuild the site as well.

This time, however, I had married and my new extended family had relatives that had gone through the tumultous times of World War II as well. Wishing to perserve what pieces of their experience I could, the new site was expanded and called World War II Tributes. My wife's grandfather, Harold Holley, had passed away in August 1996, but her family had saved many documents and pictures of his experience in WWII. Using this information, and what I could find on other sites, I pieced together what is displayed on this site for him.