World War II Tributes
United in this determination and with unshakable faith in the cause for which we fight, we will, with God's help, go forward to our greatest victory. - General Dwight D. Eisenhower (1944)

Remember those who Sacrificed all!

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UNITED, we are strong; UNITED we will win! Our Goal
The tributes of this site, written with love, respect, and gratitude by many authors, details the stories and journey of my relatives during World War II. From the hedgerows of Europe to the sands of Iwo Jima, my relatives fought and survived the greatest turning point in the history of the world. This site is dedicated in loving memory to those who fought and continue to fight today for the greater good of humanity and the priniciple which must endure for all eternity, freedom. To the soldiers who never returned and their families - past, present, and future, your sacrifice is beyond measure or the capacity of these words, but we must never forget the ideals they fought and died for and always seek to guarantee those ideals live on forever.

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Our Purpose
Welcome to this site dedicated to my relatives who served in the most devastating war of all time, World War II. All stories found here cannot be found anywhere else, and are personal accounts of their experience during the war. Pictures, also, are available of the men and the events they lived.

In addition to the stories, a growing database of events during World War II is being compiled. There are so many wonderful sites online that go into detail on the majority of them, so this site will only attempt to capture the overall series of events with maps, timelines, descriptions, and links to in-depth resources online.

Site Content Warning
While we at WWII Tributes make every reasonable attempt to present a family-friendly site, there are many aspects of World War II that are simply not safe for a child to view alone. In order to accurately depict the most catastrophic war in the history of mankind, we have opted to present it realistically and without censorship.

We have chosen to not exhibit any extremely graphic photography, but death and violence was an unfortunate fact of World War II - more so than any war before or since. It was something my relatives who fought in it had to deal with in a very personal way. It was a reality they could not escape. Some pictures and stories on our site show or describe this, so we recommend that children younger than 12 view this site only with the supervision of an adult.

We hope all our visitors leave with a better idea of, and respect for, what the men and women who endured the Second World War went through. Their triumph in the face of such adversity and unparalleled atrocities should live on forever as a lasting tribute to their courage and perseverance.